The Truth About Digital Transformation
March 14, 2018

Cutting Through Complexity. Literally.

We’re running an axe-throwing event in London on 25th April (4pm-8pm) for IT leaders, preceded by a witty chairman and 3 semi-begrudging CTOs who really know this stuff.

Our team wanted to do something edgy and targeted, to help peers cut through the complexity of cloud, security and governance. Quite frankly, I have an axe to grind with them, and even if they ask to bury the hatchet, I’ll tell them bluntly what I think…

Here’s the link to register via Eventbrite.

It’s £10 – a token amount. All of it goes to the charity Mind (a cause we care about because good mental health and support is pretty much the foundation for happiness). 

We’ll feed you, enlighten you, entertain you and then invite you to the pub afterwards.

Here are the topics:

  • Talk 1: Solving the Cloud Sprawl issue – Paul Orrock, CTO, Digital Craftsmen
  • Talk 2: Serverless. Bullshit or silver bullet? – Danny Waite, CTO, Furnace
  • Talk 3: My datacentre and I: a love story – Michel Drescher, CTO, CloudStrato
  • Talk 4: Good Governance Starts Here – Frank Bennett, Deputy Chair, CIF

The Big Debate: “The best way to deal with complex IT is to turn it off.”

And yes, we’re serious. It’s not a metaphor. Axe-throwing. Supervised by a specialist, in a safe environment and you’re allowed to print off pictures of whomever you want. There will be a shockingly low-budget trophy for the best axe-thrower. You’ll have to settle with the envy of your peers at your ability to hit targets as a more rewarding option.

Please RSVP by commenting, tagging a friend or actually buying a ticket!

  1. Count me in! (But no more axe metaphors, OK?)
  2. Tell me more, stranger.
  3. Maybe next month.
  4. I might know a friend.
  5. Not for me. Do not contact.

Please note this event is for senior IT decision makers (Director level and above). Over 18s only. No alcohol will be served at the venue. Don’t wear flip flops. Have a great time – this is an opportunity to get out of the walled garden for a few hours! We’re not entirely sure how accessible the venue is so please PM me if you need to check.

Your evening is brought to you by the fine folks at Digital Craftsmen – cloud security specialists – and hosted by the amazing Whistle Punks.

Kudos or feedback? Comments. Think this is cool? You know what to do.

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